Sunday, May 18, 2014

8 Mile Is The Best

8 mile is a great movie and if you don't think so then you probably have problems which are life because eight hours of flawless movie and I can't say that enough. I watched the movie eight now at least 10 times a day because I cannot get enough of this movie acting Eminem is not only a great rapper but you also agree actor. The reason why I think Eminem is also a great rapper and also a great actor is due to the fact that his life was as easy as most people's. His mother was addicted to drugs and his father left when he was small so he didn't really get a chance to know him at all which would probably explain why he so aggressive in his music.

Throughout the years of listening to Eminem's music you would think that he had a strong hatred for his mother the way he made all these weird songs that didn't fit well into most people's reality. But to me it seems like bashes his way of letting out all of these emotions that he's been feeling for so many years but never had anyone to tell them to. Now he has millions of people who are willing to listen to his every word and not only that but Pam for it so I'm pretty sure that even though he came up from a dark past his future is probably much brighter than most peoples.

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