Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eminem Is So Cool

Eminem looks like a very mysterious person because Eminem isn't like most rappers who you catch at the strip clubs and things of that nature and things of that nature and things of that nature. Is a secluded boy who grew up in a small town with a few people and Aegis followed his passion. If Eminem was in a rapid is no telling what he would've been doing and it probably will be positive because he seems to press even in his raps despite having millions of dollars. If not for Eminem hip-hop wouldn't have evolved so much and people would still be listening to the old-school hip-hop so Eminem made a huge impact when he first released his new LP.
I could probably listen to Eminem's music all day long because it seems to never get boring and that's one great thing about Eminem that you won't find too common in all the new rappers that come out with their wack music that sounds so repetitive in the same. Eminem is a rap legend no matter what anyone says even if they like him or if they don't he earned his stripes and he really put up against adversity to make sure that he was one of the best if not the best in the rap industry and some people don't want to give them credit because he's white vest in the day the music speaks for itself. I couldn't imagine the industry without Eminem because it would probably feel so different the fact that he once been gone away from industry for so long makes things feel so different. Despite what anyone might say no one can be Eminem and a rap because his raps are so versatile and so different in their not about materialistic things would speak.

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